Why You Shouldn’t Put Your 7-Year-Old on a Diet

Before Karen Kataline knew what a calorie was, she was restricted to 500 of them a day. At dinner, she was not served the same foods as her parents and brother. She remembers being hungry all the time.

5 Ways to Stay Slim While Indulging Yourself

With the recent declaration from the American Medical Association that obesity now should be considered a disease, the United States officially becomes an even more afflicted union. Obesity, which affects 78 million adults and 12 million children, causes a plethora of other illnesses, including cardiac disease and diabetes.

PC Race Series are coming to Dallas

TigerDirect.com it will bring its popular “Build Your Own PC Race for Charity” to its retail store on Dallas Parkway on Saturday, August 10, 2013. In partnership with Lenovo, TigerDirect.com will host this popular competition event as local consumers and tech enthusiasts compete in a race to convert basic component level Lenovo computers into high-performing gaming PCs.

Can being unhappy prevent us from success?

Last year, David Wright, my Publisher, interviewed me in his studio and among other questions, he asked me: “Rozhy do you think unhappiness obstructs people from reaching success? I tried to answer as simple as possible to a very involved concept. “Yes definitely, happiness is the means to achieve success, and being unhappy obstructs us from reaching success and well being.

Second-Hand Smoke and Your Pet

We all know that smoking is bad for our health, but what might surprise many pet-owners are the dangerous effects that same smoke can have on their four-legged loved ones after some time.

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