Pomegranate, a ruby jewel from the ancient East

One of the most ancient fruits known to man, the pomegranate has long been associated in religion and mythology as a symbol so powerful that it has long endured thousands of years. Considered to be the fruit of love and passion, it is no wonder it is associated with desire, fertility and marriage, abundance and prosperity, life and death, rebirth and eternal life. The ruby red interior fruits of the pomegranate have been appreciated and valued as the fruit of perfection, the product of a woman's womb and the red of her lips.

Chili Peppers: Its Journey From Mexico to Europe

Since the dawn of cooking, people around the world have added spices to their foods to make them taste better. But no other ingredient is more popular and widely consumed than the chile pepper. There is evidence that supports the notion that "countries with hotter climates use spices more frequently than countries with cooler climates".