The Fairmont Announces Open Call for Artist in Residence Program

DALLAS -- The Fairmont Dallas recently announced that it is accepting submissions for the Artist in Residence program for 2013. Established in 2010, the program features local, regional and national artists who reside at the hotel while working in an on-site studio for a three-month period.

The Not Guilty Verdict of the Zimmerman Trial Should Trigger a Lot of Questions

The George Zimmerman murder of 16-year-old Trayvon Martin trial verdict has prompted many including me to ask many questions as to the fairness of the trial. Some of us were glued to the television throughout the trial and were stunned (infuriated) when the verdict of “not guilty” was read. Then we were outraged to learn that the judge did not allow the trial lawyers to pursue racism among other things as a motive for the murder when in fact the evidence clearly pointed to that being potentially the major cause.

Adopting an Older Pet

There's no mistaking it, baby pets are adorable and many grow up to become magnificent companions. Unfortunately pet owners often forget the trouble involved with raising a pet from infancy, and overlook the countless mature dogs awaiting adoption from shelters and rescue organizations.

How to keep a healthy brain

In principle, we will differentiate mind vs. brain. Both work together but their features and origin - according to scholars on the subject - are totally different. Brain manifests itself in the matter and this is the contributor to our evolution as human beings. When we learn to walk, eat, talk, etc. These are all functions of the brain. And when a person develops a brain tumor or stroke, etc. these functions handled by the brain stop working or are affected (speech, alertness, movements of the body, etc.). When my dad experienced his first stroke, he couldn't eat alone, did not recognize or could say our names and became like a little boy who began to learn how to speak and move his body.

The End of DOMA: What Your Family Needs to Know

With an estimated 36,000 same-sex binational couples living in the United States and many more separated or living in exile abroad, the U.S. Supreme Court held that Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”) is unconstitutional. Section 3 of DOMA was a federal law that limited federal marriage recognition to different-sex couples. Because immigration law is federal, DOMA prevented lawfully married lesbian and gay couples from obtaining lawful permanent residence (“green cards”) through marriage. Now that DOMA has been struck down, American citizens and lawful permanent residents can submit green card applications for their same-sex spouse.

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