Texas students push back against book bans for censoring LGBTQ, racial justice issues

For high school senior Gabrielle Izu, Texas’ public school book bans feel personal. The books Texas is targeting — mainly novels that focus on discussions of race, sexual orientation and gender identity — tell the tale of Izu’s past and future. The 17-year-old high school student is Asian American, Black and Hispanic and bisexual, and she hates to see her identities or her peers’ censored.

Historically Black college has a new twist on admissions: You can bring your family, too

High school senior Ke'shawn Rubell thought he was just visiting Paul Quinn College on Thursday. Instead, in a ceremony held between the women’s and men’s basketball games, Rubell and more than 400 students from five Fort Worth high schools were surprised with acceptance letters to the historically Black college.

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