No Dreams -The case of Ruben Navarrete

I usually ignore people who take cheap shots in order to make themselves look intelligent. However, Ruben Navarrete’s column titled, “If I offended demanding DREAMers, I'm not sorry” crossed the line. My gut reaction was who gives a dump? But I guess I do.

Benita Veliz: Un minuto para la historia

CHARLOTTE, Carolina del Norte --  Benita Veliz, una joven Soñadora indocumentada, representó la noche del miércoles a millones como ella en el pleno de la Convención Nacional Demócrata que se celebra en Charlotte.

Letters to the editor: I'm in favor of the DREAM Act

I have been working helping immigrant families since the late 70’s and I am in favor of the Dream Act as well as comprehensive immigration reform. I am looking forward to filling out applications for immigrants as I did during President Reagan’s reform bill in 1985. Having said that, let us look at some benefits of The Dream Act that have not seen the light of day.